Congratulations on your hot tub purchase and taking the first step into creating your backyard oasis! Hot tubs offer incredible relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits. But before you can enjoy all of these amazing benefits, you’ll want to prepare for the installation process first.

Your hot tub dealer can walk you through the installation steps thoroughly and most even offer pre-delivery guides. The following are a few of the tasks you’ll want to take care of on your end.

Find the Location for Your Hot Tub

preparing place in backyard for hot tub

Finding the perfect spot for your hot tub takes thoughtful planning. As you weigh your placement options, consider privacy from neighbors, proximity to your home for convenience, and the view you’ll have while enjoying a soak. Speaking of views, take into consideration your backyard aesthetic and how your hot tub location will impact that. Visualize how it will fit with your landscaping, pool, playground, etc.

Need inspiration? Explore ideas here.

Another consideration to finding the right spot for your hot tub is ensuring that it’s close to a water source. Once your hot tub is installed, you’ll need to drain and refill it occasionally as part of regular maintenance.

Will you be installing a cover lifter? Ensure there will be enough space for it. You’ll also want to be able to access your hot tub’s internal components easily too, so ensure there’s ample space to access the equipment panel.

Stable, Level Ground

Once you have your location selected, you’ll need a structurally sound and level surface to place your hot tub on. You can choose a deck, concrete slab, or prefabricated spa pad. Whichever you decide, remember that once your hot tub is filled with water and people, it will be quite heavy. Having a solid foundation for your hot tub will protect it and ensure it’s safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Dedicated Electrical Circuit

While some hot tubs can be plugged into a traditional 120V outlet, most most require a hard-wired 240V electrical connection to power the hot tub. These are often buried underground for aesthetic reasons. 

It’s highly recommended you have the electrical performed by a licensed professional so you can ensure it’s done correctly—allowing you to enjoy your hot tub to its fullest potential.

Before having any electrical work done, talk to your hot tub dealer about your specific requirements. They’ll work with you to ensure all of your electoral needs are met for the hot tub model you’re installing.

installed hot tub with steps surrounded with greenery

Plan the Delivery Route

Is there a wide enough delivery path from the road to the space where your hot tub will live? You’ll need adequate space for it to be wheeled in on its side. Move any obstructions, clear out overgrown branches and bushes, and consider anything overhead that might get in the way.

Also, it’s not unusual for a crane to be required to transport the hot tub over the house and into the backyard.

We hope this list helps as you prepare for your hot tub’s arrival. Your dealer may also review your plans with you and help you determine where to install your hot. 
If you have any questions in your hot tub-buying journey, feel free to reach out to us! We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Proudly serving the Boise, Idaho area, we offer a range of hot tub services and sales to meet your needs.