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The Cal Spas® brand stands for quality and innovation. The features of each hot tub are a clear representation of just how the technology and design behind each spa can contribute to the overall experience. Engage in healing hydrotherapy, spend time with family and friends or enjoy a full-body workout, all with help from the features within your Cal Spas® hot tub.

Cal Spa Bench Seat

Bench Seat

Accommodate family in friends with seating options that are both comfortable and stylish. The Bench Seat can easily seat many adults with an ergonomic design, with a large footwell underneath to stretch the comfort even further.

Cal Spas Lounge Seat

Lounge Seat

The Lounge Seat is the perfect option for anyone who could benefit from soothed joint pain or relief of muscle tension. Jets are strategically placed to target pressure points in the upper and lower body. With an ergonomic design that fully supports the body, you will exit the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Cal Spas Kool Seat

Kool Seat

Adjust to the temperature of your spa at your own pace in the Kool Seat. Whether you are entering or exiting the spa, this seat makes the transition a comfortable one immersing the user in the water halfway. This allows for a proper transition from one temperature to another. With Cal Spas®, you can always look forward to an experience that caters to your comfortability.

Targeted Muscle Relief Therapy

With Cal Spas®, the jets are designed to provide you with an exceptional hydrotherapy experience. They deliver the perfect mixture of water and air, creating a comfortable massage that leaves your muscles feeling relieved. Sore muscles and tired joints don’t stand a chance against the innovation and technology of Cal Spas®. To learn more about the features of Cal Spas® hot tubs, contact or visit our Idaho hot tub store today.

Aquatic Air Therapy™ Jets

Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT) Jets are built with your health, wellness and enjoyment in mind. They work seamlessly in conjunction with the massage ring, resulting in a massage therapy experience that is perfect for sore muscles or aching joints.

Flex Jet™
Duo Jet
Duo Jet™
Precision Jet™
Precision Jet™
AAT Air Control
AAT Air Control
Cal Spa Jets

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