Leisure Concepts CoverMate Zero

Leisure Concepts

The CoverMate Zero boasts a compact design and smooth, effortless movement when opening and closing, thanks to hydraulic shocks and non-corrosive aluminum components. This cover lift is ideal for spas up to 10′ and requires just 6″ of clearance behind the spa and 5″ on each side.

CoverMate Zero Product Description

The CoverMate Zero’s compact design and ease of use separates it from all other cover lifts. Part of our Next Generation series of lifts, the unique design prevents racking while the hydraulic shocks allow the cover to effortlessly glide into the open and closed position, making the CoverMate Zero the cover lift you can’t say no to!

CoverMate Zero Features & Specs

  • Zero racking with smooth and fluid movement when opening and closing
  • Hydraulic shocks allow opening and closing with a simple flip of the finger
  • Non-corrosive, powder-coated aluminum components
  • Ideal for spas up to 10′
  • Requires just 6″ of clearance behind the spa and 5″ on each side
  • Versatile design allows the cover bracket to screw mount to covers containing an internal metal mounting plate
  • Quick and easy installation