Could you benefit from muscle relief, added relaxation, and better sleep patterns?

Welcome to the world of hydrotherapy. By spending as little as 10-15 minutes in a hot tub each day, you can reap the many benefits of regular hot tub hydrotherapy. You might be wondering, what is hydrotherapy, how does it work, and how can it benefit me?

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about hot tub hydrotherapy – from how it works to the benefits it can offer!

What is Hot Tub Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a water-based therapeutic technique that can have a positive impact on your emotional, mental and physical health.

By spending time inside the warm water, with the soothing pressure of jets against your pressure points and problem areas, you can experience long-term relaxation, stress relief and healing.

In fact, hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years – since the days of natural hot springs.

How Does Hydrotherapy Work?

Hydrotherapy utilizes a natural approach to improve how you feel inside and out.  The subtle combination of heat, massage, and buoyancy creates an environment perfect for healing.


Most hot tubs are operated at a temperature range of 98 – 104°F. When soaking in water within this temperature range, the warmth can help your entire body to relax fully. Stiff joints will loosen, tight muscles will relax, and any pain associated with your tension will fade as well.


The powerful hydrotherapy jets located throughout your hot tub are strategically placed to target some of your most stress-prone areas. This soothing massage will help to further release tension and soothe muscle pain while leaving you with feelings of relaxation throughout your body.


The buoyant properties of the water inside your hot tub will help your body to float. As you spend time inside your hot tub, you will experience a feeling of weightlessness, which not only feels good in the moment, but the effects can be felt long after you exit the spa.

As pressure is lifted from your body, your muscles and joints are provided with time to heal and relax without the “weight of the world” on your shoulders.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy?

When you soak inside a hot tub regularly, many short and long-term benefits of hydrotherapy can be experienced!

  • Better sleep patterns
  • Less stress
  • More relaxation
  • Less physical pain
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Soothed joint pain

How could you benefit from hydrotherapy?

Who Should Use Hot Tub Hydrotherapy?

Everyone can benefit from hot tub hydrotherapy! With the ability to help how you feel physically and mentally, those who may benefit more than others include those who suffer from stress, poor sleep patterns, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other physical conditions.

Those who are recovering from a low-impact injury may also find relief from ongoing hydrotherapy.

Other Benefits of Hot Tubs

Spending time inside of a hot tub can offer your health, home, and lifestyle many added hot tub benefits!

  • Improved backyard space
  • Increase in home value
  • More time spent with loved ones
  • Entertain family and friends
  • Engage in self-care
  • Maintain a healthy weight

For more information about hot tubs, hydrotherapy, and how you can benefit, contact our experts at Idaho Spas today!