Smart technologies have improved daily life in seemingly unimaginable ways, all in just a few short years. Smartphones and smart watches streamline organization, planning, and communication; everything you need to make your life run just a little bit smoother.

Nevertheless, perhaps it’s time to introduce these revolutionary technologies into the fun, more luxurious side of life, and that forms the entire goal of the SmartTub®️ System: managing the thing that brings ease into your life — your hot tub — even easier. 

Below is a better look at how the system works and how you can harness its capabilities to enhance your at-home spa experience.

How It Works

a man is sitting in front of woman, uses smartphone to control hot tub with smarttub application

Downloading the SmartTub®️ System app allows you to control, monitor, and customize your luxury experience. 

Once downloaded, you’ll run through a quick and simple set-up process to ensure the app and your spa communicate properly, and that’s all there is to it. Compatible spas, such as those offered by Sundance®️ Spas and Jacuzzi®️, will quickly connect to the SmartTub®️ System, allowing you to operate them directly from your smart device.

From there, there’s nothing else to do other than enjoy the benefits of having the utmost control over your hot tub. It’s pure convenience right in the palm of your hand!

The Perks of a Smarter Spa

You’re probably curious as to what you can automate from within the app. To that end, here are just a few of the ways that you can use the SmartTub®️ System to enhance your spa experience and make your life more comfortable:

Adjust on the Fly

Few things are worse about owning a hot tub than having to get out of it just to constantly mess with knobs to ensure that the temperature and jets are perfectly set. With the SmartTub®️ System app, though, that frustration is a thing of the past. You can adjust everything — from the temperature to the lights — with just your smart device, never having to sacrifice even a moment of your precious soaking time.

Comfort When You Want It

Don’t wait for your spa to reach its perfect temperature when you want to enjoy it right away: Get the relaxation you need on demand by setting up a custom usage schedule and always have perfectly warm water ready when you are.

Privacy and Control

It’s your spa, which means you get to decide who uses it and when. The SmartTub®️ System app simplifies that concept by allowing you to lock down your hot tub when you aren’t around, preventing anyone from using it without your approval first. You’ll also get speedy notifications whenever anyone takes the cover off or accesses the hot tub when you’re away from home.

Energy Efficiency Reports

Person holding smartphone with smart tub app

If you’ve been wondering how your hot tub factors into your home’s energy use, the SmartTub®️ System app has you covered. You can easily track energy usage reports to see how much power you use and when that usage peaks. The app can even suggest ways to save energy with automated options.

Real-Time Notifications

Today’s smart technologies aren’t truly complete without a way to help keep you on track, and the SmartTub®️ System is no different. Set up real-time notifications and reminders about your spa to make things like constantly checking the water temperature a thing of the past.

Smooth Integration

You can seamlessly integrate the SmartTub®️ System with your wearables or smart home assistants to maximize your control, and with such a user-friendly system, you can get the app up and running in no time.

Keen Awareness

One of the ways the SmartTub®️ System keeps your spa healthy is by constantly scanning it to see if it needs attention. If it does, the system will automatically contact a technician for you, alleviating the need for you to guess whether something’s wrong. The system can detect freezing, overheating, and power outages so you can adjust accordingly.

Say Goodbye to the Average Spa Experience

Step into the spas of tomorrow with the help of Idaho Spas. We carry many tubs compatible with the SmartTub®️ System, so contact us today to learn more about the incredible technology on display and the products it can support!