Veteran hot tub owners already know it — buying a hot tub essentially invites everyone you know to ask you to have get-togethers at your place! That’s often a fun and fantastic way to spend time with those who are important to you. But it’s also a source of stress if you’re unsure how to throw a hot tub party. 

Here’s a helpful guide to point you in the right direction with your hot tub party planning!

Put Safety First

Let’s get the less exciting stuff out of the way: safety is required to throw an excellent hot tub party. This might mean setting ground rules about who can be in the tub and when. It can also be important to limit time in the hot tub so your guests don’t overheat.

Have Enough Towels

Make sure you have plenty of towels for your guests. Set up an area where guests can grab them freely. You’ll probably want more than you think you need just so you don’t run out. The towel area is also a great place to put some light refreshments or water so people can hydrate when they leave your hot tub.

Luxurious backyard with illuminated in-ground pool and adjacent hot tub, flanked by stone walls with fire features  at twilight.

Think About Ambiance

Hot tub parties will likely last into the evening, which means you’ll want ample lighting, both to enhance the ambiance and to ensure your guests are safe. String lights or floating candles can crank the ambiance up even further; get creative and see what you can do to elevate the mood with other decor options as well.

Inform Your Guests About What to Bring

It will probably seem obvious to many guests that they’ll need their swimsuits, but you should also inform them of other requirements. For example, some hosts might prefer guests bring their own towels, robes, or other items a person might use when they exit the hot tub. Be clear about this on the invites so guests can plan ahead.

Keep an Eye on Hydration

Dehydration is real if people are in the hot tub too long. This problem can be exacerbated if you’re serving alcohol. Make sure everyone knows where the water is, and keep glasses or pitchers full. 

Make a Fun Playlist

Your hot tub party isn’t complete without a fantastic playlist! Take some time to curate a playlist with songs appropriate for the vibe. You should also consider the personalities and preferences of those attending your party and use that info to influence your music choices.

Three people enjoying an outdoor fire pit seating area with hot tub in the background

Consider Your Guest List

Depending on the size of your hot tub, you might want to adjust your guest list so people can enjoy it without feeling too cramped. If the hot tub feels too overwhelming or crowded, it could discourage people from getting in. Most successful hot tub parties are either intimate or provide multiple avenues for entertainment so guests always have something to do.

Prepare Refreshments

All hot tub party hosts should provide snacks for their guests in addition to beverage options. Stick with finger foods or anything easy to eat. You should also discourage people from eating in the hot tub so the water stays clean throughout the party — mention this on the invitation as well.

Send Invites Out Early

If you want people to come to your party, invite them early so they can make space on their calendars. Summer is a busy time for many people, so give them the opportunity to say yes to your invite! 

Digital invitations and group chats are the easiest ways to invite your loved ones. Group chats are particularly useful so you can field any questions people might have.

Clean the Tub Before Guests Arrive

Probably the most important party preparation step is to start with the cleanest hot tub possible. This includes testing the water’s chemical balance and adjusting it as needed. You may want to give your hot tub a deep clean — having company is sometimes the perfect excuse for giving your cleaning routine extra attention!

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