If you haven’t experienced the benefits of an infrared sauna, you’re missing out. The health benefits of infrared saunas are incredible. Besides, people all across the globe have been using saunas to soak in the many benefits of heat therapy.

We at Idaho Spas would like to share some informative and engaging information about the advantages of using an infrared sauna.

It starts with a great sauna experience and leads to better health and overall happiness in life.

Discover the benefits of infrared saunas, including relaxation, extended workouts, improved cardiovascular health, increased metabolism, and so much more. A sauna article that is just too hot to miss.

#1. Post-Workout Recovery

After you finish exercising, it’s still important to cool down. This is where using your infrared sauna can help. It’s the ideal way to relax and help your body recover after an intense or long workout, especially when you don’t have enough time for a long soak.

Infrared saunas are ideal for alleviating pain and soreness from a rigorous workout.

Saunas have been shown to help improve athletic performance, increase endurance, and aid in post-exercise recovery by speeding up muscle recovery time, loosening stiff joints, and reducing inflammation.

#2. Eliminates Stress and Promotes Relaxation

When you want to unwind and de-stress at the end of the day, there is no better place to do it than in your sauna.

The heat of a sauna will bring you into a deep state of relaxation very quickly, calm your nerves and melt away tension in your muscles.

The endorphins released by the body in this process naturally relieve stress, create a sense of well-being and produce an overall calming effect. Help your mind, body, and spirit relax with an infrared sauna.

#3. An Improved Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health and well-being, yet so many of us are not getting enough.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you could develop serious health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and stroke. This is why an infrared sauna session before bed might be a good idea.

Being exposed to infrared heat increases the heart rate and improves microcirculation. But this is not the only way you can benefit from a sauna.

At the end of each infrared sauna session, your body will cool naturally while you sit in a calm and quiet room, giving you an immediate sense of relaxation. This combination helps produce deeper, more restorative sleep at night.

#4. Boosts Immune System

There is a simple way to boost your immune system and defend against viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms.

Regular exposure to sauna heat will help increase your core body temperature. When this happens, white blood cells are released at an increased rate.

These white blood cells are the body’s primary line of defense against harmful organisms, helping to strengthen our immune system.

A working immune system is a key to a healthy and happy life. By choosing to regularly use infrared saunas, you boost your immune system and help it work at its best.

#5. Burn Calories

Burning calories can be a real challenge. People often have trouble maintaining it because it involves strenuous exercise and a healthy diet. Infrared saunas may help you lose weight in a variety of ways.

Infrared saunas are one of the most effective ways to burn calories, whether you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or tone your body.

It is estimated that infrared saunas can burn 600 calories per hour, the equivalent of three hours of strolling.

#6. Detoxification

A regular sauna visit can help the body release toxins that may have accumulated in the skin, kidney, or liver.

Infrared saunas are often referred to as sweat boxes because they heat rapidly, and the air is not very humid, so you’ll sweat quickly. Infrared wavelengths penetrate human skin at a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches.

That depth of heating helps your core body temperature rise and perspiration flow freely. Because infrared saunas don’t use steam or other moist heat sources, more than 80 percent of the sweat you produce will be water.

The remaining 20 percent will be made up of fat, cholesterol, and toxins derived from pollution, paints, and other chemicals.

The combination of sweating and deep body penetration helps eliminate unwanted toxins from your system through sweat glands on your skin.

#7. Improve the Appearance of Skin and Cellulite

Due to aging, skin loses its elasticity, which causes wrinkles and lines.

By stimulating collagen production, an important protein in keeping skin firm and youthful-looking, infrared saunas can help slow the aging process. Besides reducing wrinkles, infrared saunas can also reduce cellulite.

Excess fat pockets become trapped in the connective tissue under the skin, resulting in a cottage cheese appearance known as cellulite.

By increasing circulation in the body, infrared saunas can help break up these fatty deposits and help them dissipate into unwanted cellulite.

#8. Enhances Flexibility and Builds Muscle

Who says muscle is a young person’s game? Even though your body goes through minor changes as you age, you can keep your muscles strong and relaxed by using infrared saunas.

Using infrared saunas enhances flexibility and helps build muscle strength. As your body relaxes, the heat waves penetrate the muscles and increase blood flow to the area. This allows for improved joint mobility and pain relief from stiff and sore muscles.

The improvement in circulation also reduces inflammation in the body that can affect your ability to work out and play sports at an older age.

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